La Zetta

あんくるさむ did a manga in AIGコミックLove called “ソウルアームズ ラ・ゼッタ” with a main character “ラ・ゼッタ” (La Zetta) who looked very much like a younger Ryoko (from Tenchi Miyu) with full-body tats and the same “basically she’s just the user interface for a ridiculously over-weaponized interstellar spaceship”.

Buxom elves ala Deeto in Lodoss Wars are very hard for me to pass by, and the combination of Ryoko’s personality (I’m talking ‘Tenchi Muyo’ here – not ‘Tenchi Universe’) with longer ears, fully body tats, and a shapely ‘come hither’ naiveté was irresistible.